The purpose of this correspondence is to advise you of the incredible work that was performed in the renovation of our condo at Pinebrook Pointe.

Todd Potasky and Al Klingenburg oversaw the project and the work was performed by Roger and Jason.

We live in Atlanta, GA and worked with Black Dog via email and texts and pictures.  Here are our thoughts:

Bid/pricing—extremely fair and competitive.  No surprises.  Very detailed and totally transparent.  No attempts at upsell.  Advice was given with regard to suppliers, alternatives to construction, materials, etc. and they were spot on with recommendations.

Quality of work—unsurpassed.  We have gone through numerous renovations at other locations and this by far was the best in terms of quality of work.  It would be easy to cut corners because we were not present during the reno but this was clearly not the case.  Attention to detail was evident.  The construction area was left clean and neat.  All documentation for appliances, etc. was retained and provided to us.

Communication—outstanding.  Questions, etc. were handled very promptly either with a phone call, email, or text.  There was never a lag in the communication process.  As the project evolved, input from Todd was extremely helpful.

Accommodating—Al met with the xfinity people to get the internet/tv situation straightened out.  When we arrived at the condo, all electronics were set up and ready to go.

Follow up—Black Dog contacted us to resolve punch list and promptly addressed the few items that needed adjustment.  Debris removal from our porch required Jason and Roger to walk through about 2 feet of snow to load their trailer but they did so without complaint!!

Its clear why Black Dog has been a People’s Choice award recipient for several years based on our experience with you.  I hope the efforts of Todd, Al, Roger, and Jason can be recognized in some way.

-Cenna Residence