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By:  Andrew Kirk, Of THE RECORD staff

Middle Eastern Restaurant Moves to Main Street

The area’s only Middle Eastern restaurant is moving closer to Park City. Reef’s Kitchen on Ute Boulevard in Kimball Junction will be moving to 710 Main Street sometime early in November.

Asi Yoked, chef and son of the owner, said they didn’t have the space they wanted on Ute Boulevard and the new location is bigger, has more available parking and more foot-traffic.

Yoked said when he moved here three years ago he initially wanted to open on Main Street, but that he felt they’d just be a number on the busy street. Kimball Junction was a place where Reef’s Kitchen would get noticed.

“But now that Kimball Junction is growing so fast, they’ve lost the small town feel. Now Main Street has more of that feel,” he said. He also wants to get more of the tourism business that bypasses the Basin. That doesn’t mean he’s changing the focus, he said.  “We wanted to stay a small boutique restaurant our locals are our bread and butter,” he said.

Reef’s Kitchen is a family business and Yoked said they want to keep it that way. Staying small means it’s easier to manage and having a homey feel wins locals’ hearts. Contractor Todd Evans said that’s his favorite part of Reef’s Kitchen. “It’s warm, there’s great lighting, and above and beyond that, where they get their charm is the owners themselves. They’re a really amazing family,” he said.  Evans and his wife eat there all the time and are friends with Yoked. His company, Blackdog Builders, is helping prepare the new location on Main Street. But Evans made it clear that all of the credit for how the establishment looks and feels belongs to the family.

Something Evans is excited about is that the new place will retain an open kitchen.  “It’s nice to watch them cook; it’s part of their charm. It involves customers in the process,” he added.

The menu will be the same with a few additions and it will be a dinner-only eatery.

“We’re here for the longer haul, we believe in our business,” he said.

Kelsey Buchman at Park City Internal Medicine and Pediatrics is one of their neighbors at Kimball Junction and said she’s sad to see them go. She said her favorite are the chicken dishes and desserts.  Sandy Geldhof, executive director of the Main Street Business Alliance, said she too loves their food and is excited to have them closer. “Every time there’s something new on Main Street it draws more visitors and benefits the whole street,” she said.

Reef’s Kitchen Middle Eastern Cuisine

Old location: 1612 Ute Blvd. Kimball Junction
New location: 710 Main Street, Park City

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