Park City Area Showcase of Homes- Park Record Article 2007

Park Record (Park City, UT)
August 31, 2007
Author: Kelly Evertsen, Record Staff Writer

For those wondering why there are purple signs staked outside various homes in Park City, it’s because the Park City Area Showcase of Homes is in full swing. This year’s showcase displays 17 homes in the Park City and Heber Valley areas. The event started last week, Aug. 25-26, and will continue this week, Sept. 1-3 and Sept 8-9. Park City Area Home Builders Association President Dennis Loomis said the most intriguing features of the homes in this year’s showcase include the latest “green building” technologies-solar energy, nontoxic spray foam insulation, Energy Star furnaces, appliances and lighting, and reclaimed wood floors. “Green homes use energy efficiently and conservatively, minimize water usage, provide better indoor air quality and reduce maintenance,” Loomis said.

Scott Jaffa from Jaffa Group Design said he enjoyed completely renovating his home in Park Meadows-it’s the first house in the showcase, named “The Jewel Box.” The Jewel Box is a total remodel from top to foundation sitting on the Park Meadows golf
course. “It is on an amazing lot in Park Meadows,” Jaffa said. “It’s actually a smaller house, [but] I am absolutely a firm believer in quality
over quantity.”

Jaffa built two homes in the showcase. The other is in Thaynes Canyon-”The Gateway to Park City.” Because this home was built near S.R. 224, Jaffa said he purposefully moved the bedrooms away from the busy street, facing the mountains. He also placed a stream that runs behind the home close to the bedrooms to “minimize the noise but maximize the view.” Both of Jaffa’s homes contain energy-saving appliances, including water-saving toilets and plumping appliances, energyefficient windows and reclaimed wood flooring. Jaffa’s style of building, he said, is to keep things simple but attractive, and he advises anyone who is planning to build or is currently building a home to “spend money up front on a good architect.”“It will save you money in the long run,” Jaffa said. “It always does. You’ll have a better project and you’ll sell the house faster.”

House No. 9 on the circuit is Blackdog Builders Todd Evans’ Silver Creek entry, “Simply Home.” Evans said he steered away from the “cookie-cutter” appearance of Park City homes-a style, he says, that has become all too prevalent in Park City. “When people walk in the door, they comment on how refreshing it is to see a home looking so different from most homes,” Evans said. “I think we tried to make our home somewhat unique from the very beginning by blending in sort of a typical Park City architecture, but from there, going very contemporary. It’s quite a fusion between a contemporary and a mountain home.” Evans said his home features 100 percent drip irrigation outside, including under the sod. The yard also features natural mulch and native vegetation. The home’s roof is also “passive solar,” meaning the roof lines will not allow too much sunlight to come in during the summer months, but in the wintertime, when the sun is below the horizon, more heat is absorbed to naturally warm the home.  Evans also mentioned that the windows on the south side of the home don’t require blinds. While the views are still there, he said, the rooflines are unobstructed. The home also contains high efficiency furnaces, windows, doors and insulation. Evans said he enjoys the fact that the home is accessible, but elegant, and believes more homes just like it should be built in Park City. “It’s the type of home you would expect to see in a gated community,” Evans said. “But we thought houses like this can be built outside a gated community, and we’re trying to move away from that idea.” Jared Rakisits from Mountain Country Homes built “The Homestead,” located in Promontory. This is the first home Rakisits has built in Promontory, but he has also built in Mountain Ranch Estates, Deer Valley, Jeremy Ranch and Sun Peak.

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