Q. What are your fees?

A. There are two different options – Cost Plus and Bid. Both options require a 20% deposit before we can begin our work.

Cost Plus contracts start with a base bid. As the project begins and progresses, you will be sent a bill every two weeks with the costs associated with your project and the standard overhead rate that we charge. Blackdog Builders strives to stay as close as possible to the original bid. You will be notified of significant changes to the costs and the time frame with change order forms.

The other option is to sign a Bid contract with us. This allows you to have a secure figure to work with. You will be billed in percentage draws as the project begins and progresses. Changes do occur, so you will be asked to sign a change order form that outlines the additional cost and time frame change that are associated with those adjustments.

With most projects, there are “unknowns” that arise such as rotted wood, bad pipes, termites, subcontractor schedules, as well as changes in options from you (carpet, tile, paint, etc). Unknowns are expected and do change the cost and the time frame for each project. At Blackdog Builders we do our best to minimize the impact these have on the overall project.

Q. How much will the project cost?

A. There are numerous factors that can affect the cost of your project, whether it is a remodel or new construction.  It can cost as much or as little to build as your budget allows, beyond the basic cost of building materials.

However, there are items that can quickly drive up the cost of building like selecting granite or marble counter tops over traditional laminate.  Standard cabinets versus custom cabinets are always more affordable.  The options available to you are endless and can easily be adjusted to fit within your budget.

The main key to holding down costs is to first decide how much you are going to spend and then work in partnership with our staff to determine if your design and the items you want are within a realistic and affordable budget.  If they are, then you are ready to begin conversations about the design and features of your project.

Q. How long will it take to complete the project?

A. That depends on several factors.

Once you have been approved for financing for your project and a contract has been signed to move forward, permits must be obtained from the municipality in which you are planning to build.  This can take as long as one to three weeks.  Extensive site work and weather can also affect your building schedule. Once these larger items have been addressed and building begins, we can plan a target date for completion.  Blackdog Builders employs field and office staff who will work to control labor cost and maintain an efficient project schedule. Keep in mind that Mother Nature, subcontractors, and decision-making by you play a huge role in the time frame of the project as well.

Q.Can you help us with design?

A. Yes.

Blackdog Builders works with several companies that can provide design services. We will work closely with their staff to design your project.

Q. Can you help with arranging financing or refer me to a lender I can trust?

A. Yes.

Depending on your needs, we will recommend a lender who you can trust.

Q. There are so many builders in this area.  Why should I choose Blackdog Builders?

A. Carefully choosing and comparing builders you want to interview is critical.

Yes, there are dozens of builders in our area.  However, remodeling or building should first begin with comparisons of builders. 
Blackdog Builders has built our reputation on the quality of our workmanship and the integrity that we bring to each project.