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Selecting a Builder

For any type of construction project, it is important to select a contractor who best meets your needs.  Use the information below to help you in this process.

Questions To Ask Your Contractor

  • Are you insured?

    General Liability is essential for every contractor to maintain.  The minimum limits for your project should be commensurate to the value of the structure being constructed or improved and the associated risks.

    Workers Compensation is required for all companies that have employees.  If your contractor has employees, you must verify that it is included in their policy to protect you and the employees from bearing the cost of injuries that could occur.

  • What type of warranty work do you offer?

  • Are you in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?

  • Do you have any testimonials or references?

New Construction

  • Step One: Construction of your new home requires organized teamwork between you and Blackdog Builders. If you have already chosen and specified all components through finish materials, the process is rather quick and painless. However, complete finish specifications are rarely decided upon at the time the plans are drawn. So, we will offer you numerous suggestions, alternatives, or allowances for you to choose from that must be decided upon to derive a final proposal and project schedule.
  • Step Two: You and the project manager will likely visit several local merchants to select specific items. Upon your approval, Blackdog Builders will coordinate and facilitate everything to get the process in motion. We will obtain all permits, schedule all inspections and verify all subcontractor insurance compliance. Our project manager will be at the jobsite daily. Your presence and approval will be necessary at various stages.
  • Step Three: Once completed, you will receive brochures and warranty information on all applicable appliances and fixtures and contact information for all subcontractors utilized. And Blackdog Builders will be your partner and advocate for any issues that may arise in the future.


These projects require special attention because you are most likely living in the structure that is under construction. No job is too small. Our team can handle any project from repairing a door to complete restoration. Most small projects can be estimated and completed within a few days. In fact, many customers entrust us with such projects on a “time and material” basis or a “not to exceed” basis to expedite the process. Larger projects may require similar partnering as with new construction to properly identify and incorporate your needs, wants, and dreams.